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Digital Multi-Point Inspection

Inspected on
6/8/2020 5:56 AM
Performed by
Jacob Jensen
Barbara Clark
Repair Order
2007 Toyota Camry
License Plate

Priority Items

Safety: These items can contribute to dangerous driving conditions or breakdowns.

All Tires Condition

Problem Problem icon. 3 32nds (Resolved)

  • Finding: Tires are worn to 3/32" or below
  • Recommendation: Replace all tires and align the vehicle
Front Suspension

Problem Problem icon. (Resolved)

  • Finding: Front struts are old and worn out
  • Recommendation: Replace front struts w/alignment
Rear Suspension

Problem Problem icon. (Resolved)

  • Finding: Rear struts are old and worn out
  • Recommendation: Replace rear struts

Cost: If ignored, these items can lead to additional repairs

Power Steering Fluid - Condition

Warning Warning icon. (Resolved)

  • Finding: Power steering fluid is dirty
  • Recommendation: Service power steering system
Transmission Fluid - Condition

Problem Problem icon. (Resolved)

  • Finding: Transmission fluid is dirty
  • Recommendation: Service transmission w/Maxlife ATF

Maintenance: These items are recommended to increase the life of your vehicle and to lower the cost of ownership

Engine Oil Condition/Level

Warning Warning icon. (Resolved)

  • Finding: Engine oil is low
  • Recommendation: Change oil
Air Filter

Problem Problem icon. (Resolved)

  • Finding: Air filter is dirty
  • Recommendation: Replace air filter
Cabin Air Filter

Problem Problem icon. (Resolved)

  • Finding: Cabin air filter is dirty
  • Recommendation: Replace cabin air filter

*** The cabin Filter is what cleans the air that you breathe inside the car. It can contain mold, mildew and debris. This can degrade the air quality in the cabin of the vehicle.

Throttle Plate

Problem Problem icon. (Resolved)

  • Finding: Throttle plate has carbon buildup
  • Recommendation: Throttle body & intake service with fuel additive

We check your throttle plate for carbon buildup. This can cause hard starting, stumbling and a rough idle. Normal cleaning can keep your car running smooth.

Monitor Only

Tires Rotated

Problem Problem icon. (Resolved)

  • Technician's Notes: Installed new tires today

Tire rotations are necessary to prolong the life of your tires.


Was the Car Test Driven?

OK OK icon.


OK OK icon.

All Lights Working?

OK OK icon.

Dash Indicator Lamps OK?

OK OK icon.

More Information...

Any SRS or ABS lamp on is a safety hazard as those systems shut down and are disabled completely when a fault is detected.

Oil Service Light Reset?

OK OK icon.


Radiator/Expansion Tank Cap

OK OK icon.

Brake Fluid - Condition

OK OK icon.

More Information...

Brake fluid absorbs moisture and will cause corrosion in your braking system if not kept clean and dry. It should be replaced every 2 years to prevent hydraulic failures.

Radiator/Coolant Hoses

OK OK icon.

Coolant Level/Condition

OK OK icon.

Coolant/Heater Hoses

OK OK icon.


OK OK icon.

Battery Cables

OK OK icon.

Drive Belts

OK OK icon. 1 Qty

Spark Plugs

OK OK icon.

Tires and Brakes

Adjusted Front Tire Pressure To:

OK OK icon. 32 psi

Adjusted Rear Tire Pressure To:

OK OK icon. 32 psi

Wheel Torque

OK OK icon. 80 ft lbs

Front Brake Pads

OK OK icon. 8 mm

Rear Brake Pads

OK OK icon. 7 mm

Craig Rahsaan, Service Manager:

Craig Rahsaan

Craig started working for us at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and has been focused on our customer service ever since. He's a great addition to the team and will make sure you always feel welcome.

Jacob Jensen, Certified Technician:

Jacob Jensen

Jacob is our ASE Certifed Master Technician who specializes in Import Vehicles. He has over 15 years of experience as a Technician in the auto industry. His family has been in the auto industry for over 50 years and owned a shop in San Pedro. Jacob has been happily married for 10 years, has two children and his true passion is for air cooled VW's.

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