"It is what keeps work coming in my shop. No amount of marketing can compare to the revenue you get for just doing your job. This program will make you the leader in the industry. While others are standing in the dust you are the one creating the dust!" - Eric Pohlman, Hamilton Ohio

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Here's a quick overview of our program:

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- Mozilla Firefox 3.5.15 and newer
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The pricing for your shop will be based on what size business you have.
Plan "A" - $70 per month
If you are a one man shop that does it all without a Service Advisor or other Mechanics, then choose this plan. This will allow you to start and complete all of your own inspections. You will not be able to add any employees or other mechanics in the future. 

Plan "B" - $85 per month
If your shop consists of an Owner that is also the sole Service Advisor and has one or more Mechanics, then choose this plan. This will allow you to create inspections and assign them to individual Mechanics. You can add as many Mechanics as you wish, but will not have others acting as Managers or Advisors. You will not be able to add any employees or other mechanics in the future.

Plan "C" - $110 per month
if you have one or more Service Advisors and several Mechanics, then this plan is your best choice. This allows you any number of Advisors and Mechanics, also allows you to add other owners to view reporting in case you have partners. It allows each Service Advisor their own Portal and allows any inspection to be assigned to any Mechanic.

There are no long term contracts, no startup fees and no cancellation fees.

Your account comes with several types of inspections that can be used right away, they can be customized any way you like. We recommend trying them and then adjusting them to suit your business. We realize that each shop is different. Some measure brakes in percentage and others measure them in milimeters. Have it your way!

The templates that we've created are a "Multi Point Inspection" that can be used with general services, first time customers or just about any visit. There's also a "Comprehensive Inspection" that can be used when a customer wants to get a real in-depth look into their vehicles health, or during a pre-purchase inspection for someone buying a used car. Customize them as you please or create your own from scratch using our simple online interface to duplicate what you're already using or create something completely new. You're not limited to how many different types of inspections you can have or how many items per inspection. And, you can have your logo on the top of the page.

Once you've got your templates setup, using the online interface is easy, after logging in to your account (whether you're an Owner, Manager or Mechanic), you'll see a list of vehicles and inspections that have already been performed as well as inspections waiting to be done.

In most companies, you have an Owner that will be looking at reports, a Service Manager/Advisor that will be starting and assigning inspections to the Mechanics and then the Mechanics actually performing the inspection clicking off their progress as they go.

Mechanics will have a very simple page showing their inspections that need to be performed as well as a list of the ones already done. The Mechanics will have access to previous inspections by searching by vehicle or customer.

The actual inspection (based on your design) is very quick and easy for the Mechanic. No handwritten notes, simple drop down answers and buttons to push.

Customizing your inspections to your liking is easy too. A typical inspection has "Inspection Categories" which are used as sections of the car, like "Underhood", "Brakes", "Tires", "Lighting", "Safety", etc. and can be sorted in any order. Under each of the categories are "Inspection Tasks". So, if you were working under the category of "Underhood", you may have tasks like "Belts", "Power Steering Fluid", "Coolant", etc which can also be sorted in any order. Each task can have "Findings" which are common problems found with the individual tasks. For example, if you were checking the power steering fluid and said that it was either marginal or needs attention, a form would open up and allow you to select a common finding like "Power steering fluid is dirty" and then offer up a fix, like "Change power steering fluid". Dollar amounts can be entered for reporting later. Dollar amounts do not show up on a printed inspection. Categories, Tasks and Findings are limitless, again, have it your way.

Once the Mechanic has finished the inspection and saved it, it can be printed by anyone in the shop, it can be saved to a local drive and emailed to a customer, or it can just be held in "The Cloud" for retrieval later.

The technician has one-click access to all of the previous inspections, Reports can be generated showing what recommended work was done and what was not, each with dollar amounts so you can get an idea of missed opportunities and what they cost the shop. Many new reports will be added in the near future as requested to help you manage your business more effectively.