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Electronic Inspection Sheets
We have the best design in Digital Vehicle Inspection Software to help you build a presentation for your customer when making recommendations. Our software allows you to text and e-mail your customer with photos and videos of your inspections' findings and recommendations.
Build trust and rapport while validating your recommendations

Benefits for Shop Owners

>Give your shop a professional look
>Save time and money
>Can be modified at any time
>Works on all computers: Windows PCs, Apple Macintosh, iPad and Android tablets
>No start-up or cancellation fees
>No expensive hardware requirements
>Prices start at just $85
> Build a presentation for the customer within seconds
> Reports to monitor your business

Benefits for Managers and Advisors

> Instant notification of finished inspections
> View results before the car is pulled out
> See and edit photos immediately
> Add coupons to the printout
> Text the inspection to the customer
> Edit the wording before it's sent
> Videos build trust
> Photos raise your average RO 30%
> Huge time-saver
> Get more info quicker

Benefits for Technicians and Mechanics

> Works on any device, even tablets
> CarFax history included
> Photos sell jobs!
> Voice to text instead of typing or writing
> No more dirty paperwork
> Jobs get sold quicker
> Faster than paper
> Drop-down selections for speed
> Inspection history keeps you consistent
> No more repeating yourself to the boss

Our Prices

You won't find a Better Value!

Plan "A"

Plan "A"

Single User

$ 85
  • For a one man shop that does it all without employees. Perfect for mobile mechanics. Unlimited use. Limit 1 user.


Plan "C"

Unlimited Use

$ 150
  • If your shop has one or more Service Advisors, this is your plan. Unlimited users, unlimited inspections.

Plan "C"

Plan "B"

Small Shop

$ 110
  • Designed for small shops where the owner is the Service Advisor. Up to 4 users. Unlimited inspections.

What's it look like?

It's the question everyone wants to ask.. So, here's a few screenshots. Schedule a demo to see it live!

Quick Highlights:

* Works on any newer tablet running iOs or the Android operating system, mobile device or PC, anywhere - no expensive hardware to buy, no software to download

* Photos and video added from a camera, PC, tablet or phone let the customer see what you're working on

* No long term contracts, No startup fees

* No limits, multiple inspection forms for each job

* Can be used as a checksheet for jobs done like air conditioning, diagnostics, Etc.

Shop Management System Inegrations

Digital Inspections that go further....

Your account comes with several templates that can be used right away, they can be customized any way you like. We realize that each shop is different. Some measure brakes in percentage and others measure them in millimeters. Have it your way! Customize them as you please or create your own from scratch using our simple online interface to create something completely new. Unlimited templates, all customized with your logo and no advertising from us.

With our integration tool, the vehicles in your shop are already in the system waiting to be inspected. No double entry, no scanning VINs or license plates. No hassling the Advisor to assign an inspection.

The inspection process is very quick and easy for the Mechanic. No handwritten notes, simple drop down answers and buttons to push. Faster than writing it out on paper.

Once the Mechanic has finished the inspection and saved it, the Advisor is notified by a popup on their screen. The Advisor can then review the inspection for grammar, spelling and modify it as needed. The images can be edited on the desktop to add drawings, text, crop, rotate, etc. to help the Advisor put together a powerful presentation for the customer. Photos and video can be either assigned to a specific item or set to show in the footer of the inspection. The choice is yours. Each recommendation can be prioritized to show the customer what items are needed immediately based on safety or what can be put off or just monitored. This helps you build trust and puts a stop to the "I'll get a second opinion" problem.

Reports available to the Management will show the value of your inspections, the average time spent, percentage of time each item is recommended and a lot more. Need to see how many images or videos are added by each Mechanic, no problem.

Repair Shop Solutions Digital Vehicle Inspection

Some of the best solutions available for the independent auto repair shop market. We like to solve your problems, and help you grow.

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