Digital Vehicle Inspections
Desktop Texting
Financial & Marketing Tools

Designed and used right in our own shop.

Repair Shop Solutions Digital Vehicle Inspections

Software Designed in the Shop, For the Shop

RSS Digital Vehicle Inspections

RSS Digital Inspections

By far the most customizable and user friendly DVI on the market. Add photos and video, text or email to your customers, edit images and text from the desktop before you send it off, insuring a great presentation.

RSS Texting for the Service Advisor

RSS Texting

The simplest and most feature packed desktop texting program designed specifically for the Auto Shop Advisor to communicate from the desktop. We all know how fast a customer responds to a text message!

RSS Insights for KPI's and Marketing

RSS Insights

You've been working 16 hour days for too long. Learn quickly where your business needs help and start making the money you deserve. Our Marketing Module can get you a quick list of your customers. Grab a list of your best, missing, or all of them!

"It is what keeps work coming in my shop. No amount of marketing can compare to the revenue you get for just doing your job. This program will make you the leader in the industry. While others are standing in the dust you are the one creating the dust!"

Eric Pohlman

Eric Pohlman

Eric's Auto - Ohio

"It takes a lot for me to endorse a product, but today I was fortunate to sit in on a webinar where I learned about Repair Shop Solutions, a vehicle multi-point inspection process that blows the doors off anything I have seen in the past. My only regret, why didn’t I think of this!"

Joe Marconi

Joe Marconi

Pricing - Quick Look:

By not hiring an expensive commissioned sales staff, we can offer you the best pricing in the industry!



Digital Vehicle Inspections

Fully functional
Zero start up fees
Zero contracts
No limits



RSS Texting
Desktop Texting for the Service Advisor

Send photos & video
Quick status updates
Schedule messages
Custom templates
Customers love it



RSS Insights
Financial & Marketing Information

Cloud Based
Instant Data
Financial Reports
Marketing Lists
Lost Customer List

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Repair Shop Solutions Digital Vehicle Inspection

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