Desktop Texting Designed For the Auto Repair Shop

$40 per month with no contract

The Problem – Lost Time and Productivity:

You know the story; the vehicle is in the bay, parts in stock and the Tech is ready to go. You’ve left a voicemail on the customers cell and house phone, and now 20 minutes has gone by and your Tech is at a standstill. You tell your Tech to go ahead and move on to the next car for now because you couldn’t get the approval. Then, they call you back 5 minutes after the Tech has started working on the next car. Either way, you just lost precious time.

The Fix – Texting Your Customers From the Desktop

Stop waiting for that call back and stop the disruptive phone calls asking about an update. Send and receive text messages from your desktop! Customized drop down templates and integration with your shop management system makes it quick and easy. Communicate with your customers without a mobile app or separate cell phone sitting on the desk. No contracts, no hardware to buy, and multiple users.

Benefits of Texting

Finding it difficult to explain a problem? Images make the sale. Add a photo or video to a text message and show the customer what you’re up against. A verbal conversation requires 100% trust, an image conveys truth immediately.

Sending a quick text from a desktop computer allows advisors to quickly communicate the facts and allows customers to quickly respond with their approval. Advisors can text vehicle status updates to customers throughout the day and respond to customer’s questions in a quick efficient manner.

Gone are the days when cars sat on racks waiting for customer approval. Customers on average spend 26 minutes per day texting in comparison to 6 minutes actually talking on their phones. Use what your customers are comfortable with while cutting your approval times in half!

Sending customer status updates stops those annoying “How is my car?” phone calls. These phone calls can take up to 20 minutes and another 10 minutes for the Service Advisor to get back on task. Customer’s enjoy regular updates and feel more in touch with the process, you can now offer that level of customer service without the impact on the shop’s productivity.

Texting for the Auto Repair Industry - Templates

Schedule Messages

Automate your reminder service. Schedule service reminder texts during the check-out process, simply tell the customer you will send them a reminder text in XX months. The reminder will be automatically sent as scheduled. This feature can also be used to request a review from customers.

Customizable Templates

Setting up unique customer templates is as easy as sending a text. With RSS Texting you can set up each advisor with their own set of message templates. Example: “Doris, this is Jordan from Steve’s European, your vehicle is ready for pickup” or “The parts are in and we should be finished with your car by 5pm”.

Texting for the Auto Repair Industry - Scheduled Messages


Yes, and that’s why our technology is such a time-saver. Service advisors can simply send a pre-defined status message, no need to type in every message.

Your account starts with one phone number to text to and from. If you have several Service Advisors and would like to have a separate number for each, it’s easy. Just give us a call at (424) 262-1580 and we’ll set you up with as many numbers as you need. They’re only $2 per month

We’ll have your shop up and ready to text immediately. Generally, no training is required as the system is so simple to run. Simply add a customers name/number and send them a text. We’ve included several canned messages for you to help get you started.

Exactly that, No Contracts. As a shop owner myself, I got real tired of being strapped down by my uniform company, the phone company, etc. So, I decided to treat you as I wanted to be treated myself. NO CONTRACTS. You can upgrade/downgrade/cancel at any time.

Each text, received or sent, is equal to one message.

Yes. Since you’re not using the texting to market to a customer, there are no restrictions. Simply getting the number from your customer is their approval to use text messages while the vehicle is being serviced. If you’re going to send them a reminder in a few months, just be sure they approve it with you. A reminder is not considered marketing.


We’ve got the competition beat. Other services with less to offer or more complicated than what you need are charging much more and most require long term contracts. We’re offering you a service you will actually use for only $40 per month!

For only $40 per month, you can have instant communication with your customers, send them images and videos of what they need and have a full, printable history of your conversations. Your staff is notified immediately of incoming messages and you can schedule follow-up and reminder texts with no restrictions!

Inexpensive texting for the auto repair industry

Plans to Fit Any Size Shop:

Signing up is easy. We’re so sure you’re going to love it that we don't have any contracts to sign. Sign up today and you're on your way!  You will have full use of the system to send and receive text messages, images, and customize your templates to your liking. Just follow these simple instructions:

1. Choose your plan and submit payment.
2. Fill in the setup form on the payment confirmation page.
3. We will assign you a local number in your area code and setup your account within 24 hours
4. Use it and speed up the process of contacting your customers!



Plan "A"
Most Shops

This plan will cover 95% of all shops. Start here, you can always work your way up if needed. Includes 1,000 messages

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