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Running an Auto Repair Business isn't a game. You built this because you wanted something better. You opened your own shop and thought it would be simple, just need to keep the customers happy and have plenty of cars to fix. You weren't ready for years of 16 hour days, no vacations and a spouse wondering why you're coming home late every night. What you don't know, can destroy what you built. Let us help.

A web based program designed by shop owners, coaches and web engineers focused on getting you the financial data you need to analyze and run your business without all the usual hassle of remoting into your machine at work and opening multiple reports to get the info you need now.

Brought to you through a cooperative effort from the people at AutoApps and Repair Shop Solutions. Leaders in simple and effective programs for the Auto Shop Owner.

RSS Insights - Financial and marketing information

Innovative Technology

We've got the reports you need at your fingertips. Sales, Profits, Margins, Hours Sold, and on and on..... You'll love the ease of pulling your numbers, especially if you're involved in a twenty group and need to report your numbers. Getting a quick mail merge file for your best customers or one that haven't been in for a while is a snap.

Our system takes your financial info and picks through all the data to get you what you need to make timely business decisions. Not a monthly report from your Accountant 3 weeks after the month is over, but daily and right down to the hour reporting.

Get your info on the go. No need to dial in to your shop computer or wonder at lunch how the shop is doing. We can put it in your fingertips in seconds. Even on your cell phone. Your data is protected with the highest level of security from Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and we do not share your data.

At the end of each day, you can get an email, text message or both giving you a quick look into your sales for the day, week, month and an overview of what's still in the shop. For multiple locations, each of your Managers can get a customized message each day.

Sample Reports

These are just a few of the reports available

RSS Insights Business Overview

The Dashboard

The Dashboard report gives you access to data based on a timeframe. For instance, we can show you a month-to-date report of sales, costs, profit, margins, percentages, billed hours, average RO, gross profit per hour, efficiency, ratios, sales by new and existing customers, vehicle information and even your declined sales. Push a button and get a comparison to the previous periods. Again, no waiting. It would take roughly a dozen reports to get this info. Now it's at your fingertips. There's a shop comparison mode that will show multi-store owners what's happening in each of their shops on one screen.

Quick Overview

The opening screen presents you with quick info about your business that can be used on a daily basis. Each of the tiles will take you to a detailed report showing where that data comes from and allows you to take a deep dive into any area of your business. From learning about your sales, finding your best customers to send out Christmas cards, getting a list of missing customers to follow up with, or learning how the direct mail campaign for BMW's worked out. We've got it, with no waiting or complicated menu's to get what you need.

Quick Look - Sales to Date

Current Work Status

The Current Work Status report gives you a quick look at what's happening right now in your shop. We'll show you your sales so far today, what you have that's marked as ready to be picked up and your current work in progress lineup.

Quick Look, Sales-to-Date

This report gives you up to the minute information, a quick look at where you stand. Today, this week, & this month in one easy to understand report. Also shows you what's ready in your shop waiting to be picked up and how much work is ongoing in the shop right now. This report gets emailed to you every night along with being able to view it here.

Weekly and Monthly Sales

Customer Analysis

Looking to create mailing lists of your new customers for followup?, Need a list of your best customers from last year to send a quick thank you note too?, How about a list of all the customers that came into your shop last month and not show the ones marked as "Do not market"? Yep, we can do that in seconds. Fully customizable and exporting enabled for mailing lists, etc.

Weekly/Monthly Sales

The Dashboard report gives you access to data based on a timeframe. For instance, we can show you a month-to-date report of sales, costs, profit, margins, percentages, billed hours, average RO, gross profit per hour, efficiency, ratios, sales by new and exisiting customers, and even your declined sales.

RSS Insights Vehicle Analysis

Vehicle Analysis (2)

The second part of analyzing your vehicle count is knowing if your targeted advertising campaigns are paying off. Let's say you spent $1,500 on a direct mail camping in March and April focused on BMW and Mercedes owners. The New Vehicle report will show you exactly how many of those cars came to you during that time period of those makes, how much was taken in and what the profitability for each was.

Vehicle Analysis (1)

There are several reasons to study the vehicles that come into your shop. First, wouldn't it be nice to know how many of each make you've worked on and which ones were the most profitable? Simple. Pick a time period and we'll show you in seconds what manufacturers you should be concentrating on and what to stay clear of. Complete with graphs of sales, profit margins, average sales, and more.

How Do Your Numbers Stack Up?

Key Performance Indicators

Getting your business running smoothly requires looking at your KPI's (key performance indicators) and reacting when they're off the mark. Here's a few numbers you should be watching:

Overall Gross Profit


Parts Gross Profit


Labor Gross Profit


New Customer Percent


Simple, Quick, Affordable

RSS Insights is simple & quick, a simple install on your server starts churning out reports within seconds. Affordable? Yes, Insights is priced at only $80 per month, per store.

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